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Harrison AVA downloads (OLD VERSIONS)

NOTE:  this software is no longer supported.   These installers do not support Apple Silicon (M1, M2, etc) and do not support iLok


For current version downloads, please go here: Harrison Plug-in Downloads


32C plugin series (32C Channel, 32CBus, 32CVIP) (Windows 64bit) (Mac 64bit Intel) (Linux 64bit)


AVA Plugin series (AVA Mastering EQ, AVA Multiband EQ, AVA DeEsser, AVA Spectral Compressor, AVA Vocal Flow, AVA Drum Flow, AVA Bass Flow, etc) (Windows 64bit) (Mac 64bit Intel) (Linux 64bit)


As of the July 4th 2024 Support for Linux plug-ins will cease to download the latest versions of those plug-ins see below.

Plug-in Platform
32 Classic Channel strip Linux
Bass Flow Linux
Drum Flow Linux
32 Bus Linux
MPC Spectral Compressor Linux
De-Esser Linux

Vocal Intensity Processor

Vocal Flow Linux
FasTrack Linux
Multi Band Compressor Linux

MPC Compressor


MPC Channel Strip


Micro Glide


Mastering EQ


Legacy EQ