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What's included in Mixbus (v10) ?

Software Installers:

Mixbus is a fully-featured Digital Audio Workstation with the ability to record, arrange, edit, mix, master, and export your mix for distribution.

You may download the current version of Mixbus software from the Mixbus product page. If no license has been purchased, the Mixbus software runs in Demo mode for your evaluation.


Software License:

Your purchase provides a “license key” for your tier (Mixbus, Mixbus Plus, or Mixbus Pro) which is used to eliminate the demo limitations. This page describes how to apply your license.


Included Plugins:

All 3 tiers of Mixbus come with a set of bundled plugins which are free to use.

Mixbus Plus and Mixbus Pro provide complete access to all 19 of the XT plugins. In the Mixbus (basic) tier, the XT plugins are limited as described above in Demo Limitations.

These additional plugins are bundled in the Mixbus installer, but require a separately purchased license to enable them: x42 EQ x42 Whirl x42 Meter Bundle

Additionally, some promotional bundles will come with additional plugin licenses for Harrison (or partner) products.


Bundled Loop Content:

Mixbus (all 3 tiers) comes with a collection of bundled audio loops from Goldbaby, MIDI loops from Groove Monkee, and others.


Upgrade Policy:

We occasionally publish software updates for Mixbus. When you purchase Mixbus, you will be registered to receive updates according to our upgrade policy.

Major updates (11.0, 12.0) incur an upgrade fee.

Minor updates (10.1, 10.2) are provided free of charge.

Update notifications are sent via email, and some important updates will trigger a popup message in the Mixbus startup window.