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What's included with Mixbus?

What's Included

Mixbus is a full-featured Digital Audio Workstation with the ability to record, edit, mix and master your music.  Mixbus is provided as a free software installer (demo) for your evaluation, and a separate license file that eliminates the demo limitations.


Software Installer (demo)

In the Downloads section of the Mixbus and Mixbus32C product pages, you can find a software installer for your preferred operating system. The demo (unlicensed) software has no feature limitations, but it will generate a 'hiss' noise after a few minutes.  This prevents you from using the software for commercial releases, but otherwise it provides full functionality so you can test Mixbus with your plugins and devices.


Mixbus License

When you purchase Mixbus or Mixbus32C, you will receive an email with a "license key" which you should install on your computer to eliminate the limitations of the demo.


Included Plugins

Mixbus and Mixbus32C come with a set of bundled plugins ( some licensed, and some in "DEMO" form ).  Please check the manual to get a complete list of the included plugins in your version:


Additionally, some promotional bundles will come with additional licenses from Harrison or our partners


Bundled Content and Demo Session

Mixbus comes with a demo session so you can experiment with the software immediately.

Mixbus and Mixbus32C come with a selection of bundled audio and MIDI files which can be drag-n-dropped into the "Cue" page, or assembled in the Edit window.  These materials may be used without any restrictions in your own productions.


Upgrade Policy

We occasionally publish software updates for Mixbus and Mixbus32C.   When you purchase Mixbus and Mixbus32C, you will be registered to receive updates according to our upgrade policy.  Minor updates (like 9.1 and 9.2)  are provided free of charge. Major updates (8.0,  9.0) are provided at a discount.