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Where do I get my Mixbus installer and licenses?


If you've purchased Mixbus (or associated XT plugin products) on our new website, your Mixbus software installer can be downloaded from the appropriate product page by scrolling down to the "Downloads" section:

Mixbus Software Installer

Mixbus32C Software Installer

NOTE:  Our XT plugins do not have a separate installer;  they are pre-installed in Mixbus.


After you complete your Mixbus purchase, you can find your license(s) by visiting "Account->My Products->Software Products". 


To apply the license, click the "nested rectangle" copy button beside your license, and then click the Paste button to apply it in Mixbus (or an XT plugin) when prompted:






Mixbus, Mixbus32C, and XT plugin purchases from the OLD HARRISON STORE (FastSpring) can be accessed by entering your email at Harrison's old license portal: