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User Guide - AVA Multi Band Compressor


Multiband Compressor:

The Secret Weapon to Professional Sound



Whether you're working on music, film, broadcast, or video post-production, a multiband compressor is a powerful tool for achieving professional-quality results. Use it to control the dynamics of specific frequency ranges, which can be incredibly useful for improving the clarity, punch, and overall sound of your audio.  

Typical Multiband compressors require careful management of dozens of finicky controls. Harrison’s Multiband Compressor takes a different approach: Each band’s attack, release, and other parameters are calculated by the plugin to get the best possible sound. Internal processing ensures that the combined signal is phase-accurate and has a flat pass-band. The result is a much more natural sound, allowing you to tame problematic frequency ranges without wrecking your instrument’s character. And it works with surprisingly few controls: locate the problem frequencies, choose how much correction to apply, and you’re done!

For artistic effects, there’s a dedicated sidechain input, sidechain eq, and ‘expander’ mode. Enable those features to get traditional pumping and gating effects, or even unusual cross-band effects: drive your low-end compression from a high-pass filtered sidechain, or vice versa.








  • Intelligent algorithm controlling 4 bands of compression.
  • Band Solo and Auto-Solo features to help dial in the desired frequency ranges.
  • RTA analyzer display helps to locate problem frequency ranges.
  • Capable of up to 12dB reduction in each band.
  • Sidechain “key” input with dedicated EQ.  
  • Ultra low latency processing, suitable for “live” use.









Intelligent algorithm


The intelligent algorithm in the Multi band compressor is a powerful tool that will  giving your mix that classic ‘glue’ effect that makes your sound cohesive and balanced. With this powerful tool, you can achieve excellent results that will make your mix sound clear, professional, and amazing.lets you shape the sound of your mix with ease and precision. Whether you need to tame harsh frequencies, enhance the low end, or add some sparkle to the highs, this intelligent algorithm will do the job with minimal effort. so that you can achieve excellent results that will make your mix sound balanced, clear, and professional.

Band Solo and Auto-Solo




You can easily isolate and adjust the frequency ranges of your mix with the Band Solo and Auto-Solo features. The ‘Auto Solo’ feature lets you hear the band that you are modifying automatically, so you can identify its frequency content as you change the range. The Band Solo feature lets you listen to any band individually, so you can focus on the material that it is processing. You can also bypass and disable any band by clicking on its ‘IN’ button, if you want to remove it from the compression. The Band Solo and Auto-Solo features will help you fine-tune your mix with more clarity and precision.












RTA analyzer




With the RTA analyzer you can not only fine-tune your EQ settings, but also visualize how they affect the frequency spectrum of your audio. The main display features a high-resolution, high-speed RTA analyzer that can show you the input or output signal in real time. Whether you want to boost the bass, cut the treble, or sculpt the mids, the RTA analyzer will help you achieve a balanced, clear, and powerful mix.


12dB reduction in each band


Harrison’s multi-band compressor gives you the flexibility to control the dynamics of your audio in each frequency band. You can reduce up to 12dB of gain in each band, allowing you to tame the peaks, smooth the transients, and enhance the details of your mix. Whether you want to compress the low end, expand the high end, or anything in between, Harrison’s multi-band compressor will help you create a rich, full, and balanced sound.










Sidechain “key” input with dedicated EQ.




Use any signal as the trigger for the compression in each band with the Key Input feature. Adjust the key signal’s frequency with the sidechain EQ. Create transparent and balanced compression or creative effects like ducking, de-essing, or parallel compression. Shape your audio’s dynamics and tone in each band and make your mix sound amazing.






Ultra-low latency processing


Ultra-low latency processing is a must-have for any pro or aspiring audio engineer who wants to record, edit, or play back audio in a live setting. Feel the difference of real-time audio processing, with no annoying delays or lags that can spoil your performance, creativity, and quality of your audio. Take advantage of ultra-low latency processing and make your mix sound amazing.