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User Guide - AVA Vocal Intensity Processor (VIP)

Vocal Intensity Processor

The Fast Path to Great Vocals!


Whether you are singing, rapping, podcasting, or streaming you need a tool that can quickly make your vocals sound amazing. The Vocal Intensity Processor from Harrison is a powerful plugin that lets you polish your vocals with some of the best features once only found in Harrison’s legacy of analog consoles.

Smooth out the dynamics of your vocal track with an extremely easy to use Vocal Leveler. No more fiddling with complex compressors or gates. Just dial in the amount of leveling you want and let the plugin do the rest.  

Also you can attenuate any unwanted frequencies with the iconic 32C High and Low-Pass Filters. Visualize how your vocal sounds before and after filtering with an RTA that clearly shows the spectrum of the signal.

Keep your vocal level consistent with the K-12 output meter and prevent distortion or clipping with a built-in limiter. This meter helps you achieve a balanced and professional mix that sounds great on any system. You can also switch between different metering modes to suit your needs.

The Vocal Intensity Processor is the ultimate vocal enhancer for any genre or style.



Six features


  • A Leveler for controlling the dynamic range of the audio signal
  • 32C High and Low-Pass Filters for cleaning up any unwanted frequencies  
  • An RTA with pre and post filter displays for visualizing the spectral characteristics of the processed signal
  • Bump and Bright switches
  • A K-12 Output Meter that displays the level of overall output and helps keep the signal within the target range.
  • A built-in limiter with gain reduction meter that prevents the output signal from clipping.
















The Intensity knob controls the overall input level to the plugin. The Intensity level feeds the Leveler which is a compressor with a fixed -24 dB threshold and a very low ratio. Increasing the Intensity level will drive the Leveler harder and cause more compression to occur. The vertical meter to the right of the Intensity knob shows the level of gain reduction in dB. Use the K-12 Output Meter to determine the appropriate Intensity level to stay within the target range.






The High and Low-Pass Filters are based on the renowned Harrison 32C channel strip filters and can be used to shape the spectral characteristics of the processed signal. Use the HP Freq and LP Freq knobs to adjust the corner frequencies of the filters.


RTA Displayimage1.png

The graph at the top of the plugin is the RTA Display which shows a visual representation of the spectral characteristics of the processed signal. Use the RTA IN button below the display to toggle the RTA on or off. When activated, the RTA shows the pre and post filter readings overlayed on top of each other. The pre-filter analyzer shows the signal before any spectral processing in dark-gray while the post-filter analyzer shows the signal after spectral processing in a lighter gray color. 


Bump and Bright




The BUMP button adds a subtle gain boost at the corner frequency of the HP Filter. This allows you to add a low-end boost at the selected frequency while filtering out the frequencies below it. 


The BRIGHT button adds a high shelf boost to brighten up the high-end of the processed signal. Use the LP Filter in conjunction with this to tame any harsh high frequencies at the very top of the register.





K-12 Output Meterimage7.png

The K-12 Output Meter is a “VU-style” meter that shows the average level of the output signal with a -12 dB reference level. This means that the 0 marker on the meter equals -12 dBFS. It is set up this way because -12 dBFS is generally a good target level for podcasts and other forms of spoken voice media, so it’s a good idea to keep your average signal within the “green” zone below the 0 marker.







Limiter with meter



There is a built-in limiter at the final output stage to prevent clipping. The limiter has a fixed threshold of -1.5 dB so the output signal will never exceed that level no matter how high the Intensity is set.