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Free Upgrade for Prior AVA Plugin Owners

Our cross-platform plugins (the 'AVA' plugins) are being updated, and will be published on the store as they are made available.  The new versions provide support for Apple Silicon (M1) as well as several other improvements.


The new (v2.0) plugins will have slightly different names.  The new plugins start with "Harrison" in the name,  so "AVA Mastering EQ"  is called "Harrison Mastering EQ" in the new version.  The old plugins retained their original names, and provide backwards compatibility with your old sessions.  The old plugins will continue to work with your provided license files 'forever'.


The new plugins will be distributed through SSL's channels, and they follow SSL conventions in every way: purchase, installation, and licensing. The new versions require iLok licensing on Mac and Windows. (linux users, see below)  The new Harrison plugins can be installed via the SSL Download Manager, and they are licensed via iLok.  If you are familiar with SSL then it will be very easy to add Harrison to your plugin arsenal. If you need help with our store, installation, or license process, then you can find lots of information at the SSL support site.


We encourage you to use the SSL Download Manager to install your plugin software. Separate installers for each plugin can be found here:


Upgrading to the NEW plugins:


For each old plugin that is published on the new store, you may go to the Harrison e-Store and get the new version free of charge.  For this to work, you must follow these steps:


  1. In the top-right corner, click "Login", and create a new account using the same address that was assigned to your prior purchase.  (if you already have an SSL account with that email, then you can use that email and password)
  2. Click Store, and then navigate to the plugin that you would like to purchase.  You must purchase each plugin separately and with nothing else in the cart.   (use the 'trashcan' button to remove extra items from your cart)
  3. Complete the purchase process.  It should show $0.
  4. After you complete your purchase, you can visit Account->My Products->Software Products to access your iLok license (or .txt license for linux users)


Continuing Support for your OLD plugins:


Old plugins and license information can be found by entering your email at Harrison's old license portal:

Harrison will no longer provide personalized email support for the AVA 1.0 series plugins (pre-iLok)


Information for Linux Users:


If you've purchased a new plugin (Harrison Studio Drum Flow, Harrison Studio Bass Flow, etc)  from the new store using the steps above, then you can find the license text in Account->My Products->Software Products.  Click the 'nested rectangle' buttons to copy the entire license string, and then paste it into the plugin when you are prompted for it.